Counseling for Cancer

Receiving a cancer diagnosis may be one of the most difficult moments in your life. It may be even more difficult to move through the many stages of the cancer journey - from diagnosis to active treatment and even into survivorship. Each stage of the cancer journey offers its own set of challenges and difficulties. Whether you are new to cancer, someone who has been living with cancer as a chronic disease, or a cancer survivor - adjusting to the many stages can be overwhelming, frightening, and may cause feelings of loneliness and isolation. Overall, receiving a cancer diagnosis is life-altering. Life may feel like it has stopped. It may also feel like it has stopped for those around you as a cancer diagnosis doesn't just affect you but also impacts everyone around you.

Some of the reasons people seek counseling support after receiving a cancer diagnosis includes:

    • Manage the emotional impact such as depression, anxiety, anger, confusion, and fear
    • Illness related concerns such as treatment options, regimen, and reaction to treatment
    • Grief & loss of what you "used to be"
    • Body image concerns
    • Relationship stress and family conflict
    • Adjustment to cancer pain, cognitive impairment, fatigue
    • Navigating the health care system
    • Decreased quality of life
    • Impact on job/career
    • Fear of cancer recurrence
    • End-of-life issues

I specialized in providing evidenced-based, support to cancer patients & survivors, family members, couples, and caregivers. My goal is to assist cancer patients, significant others, family members, and caregivers by helping them minimize their level of distress, manage the emotional distress that occurs throughout the cancer journey, learn ways to cope with the different stages of cancer, improve communication between family members and your health care team, and improve your overall quality of life. If you feel that you could use some extra support throughout your cancer journey, I would be honored to work with you to help you navigate your journey. To schedule a free 15 minute consultation with me call me at 503-504-5067 or fill out the appointment request below.

Wikipedia - Needs of Cancer Survivors

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